Her head is placed on the Ten Commandments Killer's "Thou Shall Not Commit Murder" marker but she is resurrected as a ghost and spends eternity with her husband James March. She is a pediatrician employed by Mrs. Ellison, a West Hollywood anti-vaxxer mother, to treat her son Max, who has been infected with the measles. James Patrick March is a major antagonist in American Horror Story, serving as one of the two main antagonists (alongside the Countess) of the fifth season, Hotel, and a minor antagonist in … For one thing, the guy is an absolute psychopath. In the finale "Be Our Guest" he and James frighten away Billie Dean Howard and he visits his family in the hotel, including a now teenaged Scarlett. Iris also makes amends with Sally's spirit by purchasing her an iPhone as a present, allowing her to become a social media star. He first met The Countess at the opening of the Cortez when he prevented her from committing suicide in the wake of Rudolph Valentino's alleged death. He received his M.A. See more ideas about american horror story, james patrick, evan peters. The two married at the Cortez, but James had had unreciprocated feelings of affection toward the Countess. Will Drake (portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson) is the recent buyer and new owner of the Hotel Cortez. Early life and education[edit] Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1928,[4]March received his B.A. Masterlist. The Countess escapes when Iris refuses Liz Taylor's plea to find her and runs to Donovan's aid. Yep — Evan Peters brought back his pencil-thin mustache and his old-timey accent to play the ghost of James March, the serial killer whom we saw haunt the halls of the Hotel Cortez throughout AHS: Hotel. James Patrick March. James asks Ramona to kill The Countess for him. He kills himself in his office at 2:25 AM before the police are able to arrest him. When Liz learns she has cancer, she allows The Countess to kill her to remain in the hotel as a ghost. in 1950 and Ph.D. in 1953 from Yale University, both in political science. They go into The Countess's penthouse, guns blazing, fatally wounding Donovan and injuring The Countess. Mit dem Töten begann er in den 1920ern, in 1925 baute er das Hotel Cortez, welches am 23. After hearing about her secret love affair with the Valentinos, James gets his revenge by trapping the couple in the sealed hallways of the hotel. James expresses his pride for John, meaning their work is now complete. Your Calling - James March x Reader. While doing so, Liz encounters her two coworkers (also on the business trip), who threaten to expose her while hurling homophobic slurs. She remains protective of him, pushing Sally McKenna out of a window of the hotel's seventh floor in 1994 after she supplied him with China White he… This concept did not originate with the Hotel Cortez from AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, and it wasn’t originally built by James March. The season's theme is addiction and revolves around the Hotel Cortez, a mysterious Los Angeles hotel owned by a bloodsucking fashionista named The Countess. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. “American Horror Story: Hotel” is off to one of its most gory seasons yet thanks to fictional characters like The Countess and James March. He kills Andrew when he discovers he has been having coffee with Alex, citing the commandment "Thou shalt not covet." Fanfiction Horror Romance American Horror Story American Horror Story Hotel James Patrick March Ahs ... One night while meeting with Countess Elizabeth, you meet an oddly charming man. Satan?" The Countess, although upset, views this as an act of love, and they reunite again, only for Iris and Liz to burst in and begin firing at them. John then regains his memory of going to the Blue Parrot Lounge, the bar at the hotel, for drinks in 2010 after working on a case where a father committed suicide upon finding his entire family dead. His office is later converted into Room 64, where the clock's alarm goes off at 2:25 AM every morning. Holden was kidnapped five years ago at a carnival in Santa Monica, an incident which severely damaged John and Alex's marriage. Liz and Iris give her Queenie and she drinks her blood, then James kills Queenie. Peter Maximoff. In 1994, she turns Donovan, who was dying of a heroin overdose given to him by Hypodermic Sally. AHS. Despite hating the hotel, she remains in order to keep proximity to her son Donovan, who despises her after she divorced his father and became involved in a breatharian cult which prevented her from providing him medical care. That night, she met his wife Natacha Rambova who indicates that their divorce was just a publicity stunt. Er konstruierte mehrere geheime Räume und versteckte Gänge, damit er sein Hobby zu morden ausleben und alle Beweise, die darauf hinweisen, dass er ein Serienmörder ist, verstecken konnte. She and James March have an agreement to share John, allowing James to let John be a buffer for the remaining Commandment Killings in exchange for James' protection from the Addiction Demon. He realizes the perpetrator hacked Alex's phone and leaves the house, fearing his presence there will endanger Alex and Scarlett, and checks into Room 64 of the Hotel. Set in Downtown Los Angeles, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL is the story of the Hotel Cortez, a 90-year-old hotel built by serial killer James Patrick March. The Countess begins to cry while realizing that she's living in a personal nightmare: spending the rest of her days with a person she doesn't love. After her mother dies of cancer, a group of robbers break into the house and kill her father. James March. James Patrick March (portrayed by Evan Peters), sometimes referred to as Jimmy or Mr. March, is a wealthy oil businessman and serial killer, who used his money to construct the Hotel Cortez in the late 1920s and built it to serve his need to kill by incorporating secret shafts and dead-end hallways to hide the victims of his murders. And that's what brings us back to the Hotel Cortez. Feb 27, 2016 - 295 notes. Sunday, 9pm. Seriously, this … Despite hating the hotel, she remains in order to keep proximity to her son Donovan, who despises her after she divorced his father and became involved in a breatharian cult which prevented her from providing him medical care. In spite of her hatred of betrayal, she herself indulges in as many lovers as she wishes. For her performance, Paulson was nominated for the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Movie/Miniseries and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie. Following her husband's death, his ghost visits her, Holden and Scarlett every year on "Devil's Night" in the Hotel Cortez. James March returns in the eighth season, Apocalypse, where he is seen playing cards with Queenie after killing her. i’ve got loads of time as i’m on christmas break, so send all of the requests in. This damages her relationship with Natacha, who believes that Elizabeth is the one who trapped her. He remembers being convinced to take the lead on the case and killing each of the victims he has been investigating. This was it. Since Queenie's spirit is now free, we probably will not be seeing the Hotel Cortez again this season, but it was definitely fun for fans to add yet another season to Apocalypse's crossover list. John Lowe as his successor to complete the remaining eight Commandment Killings upon seeing John's rage, claiming he is better than killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy. [1] An anonymous tip regarding a serial killer who murders people in accordance to the Ten Commandments points John Lowe, a detective haunted by the abduction of his son, to Room 64 of the Cortez. He rejects her advances, as he is still faithful to his wife. The Countess initially encourages him to use his murderous habits in a progressive manner, killing people in order to get money. Her ghost then successfully stays in the hotel. It was weird but you got used to it. She was an actress who did many TV commercials and movies during the 1970s, when she had a lesbian relationship with The Countess. Yep — Evan Peters brought back his pencil-thin mustache and his old-timey accent to play the ghost of James March, the serial killer whom we saw haunt the halls of the Hotel Cortez throughout AHS: Hotel. 299 notes. He has construction workers knock down a concrete wall which held The Countess's past lovers, Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova, unleashing them. Later, John discovers them and Alex enlists the help of Liz to destroy any evidence of her being there. However, Holden insists that he bring her back to the hotel so he can see his "other mommy." She later appears when Liz announces her battle with prostate cancer, and mercifully slits Liz's throat using her chainmail glove. After her revival as a ghost, Liz is finally reunited with Tristan after unsuccessfully trying to contact him before. Requests are currently CLOSED, I'm taking a hiatus from the imagines for a bit. She follows drug addicts like Gabriel around the hotel and uses The Addiction Demon to punish them for their addiction. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Ramona later participates in Will Drake's fashion show and Liz tells her that she is dying. When he arrives at the house, twin boys are found murdered and disemboweled. In a play to show his power to Cordelia, Michael frees Queenie from the Hotel Cortez, and James March seems to immediately recognize (and fear) Michael's command over the dead. She then engages in a secret love triangle with Rudolph and Natacha. Iris agrees to help Liz contact the missing spirit of Tristan with the help of psychic Billie Dean Howard. AHS. When Max is admitted into the hospital where his conditions worsens, Alex infects him with the blood virus to save him, but this results in him killing his parents, teacher, principal, and several school nurses in order to consume their blood, as well as spreading the measles to his friends. Det. Billie contacts a spirit who they first believe to be Tristan but Billie tells them it is Donovan. Liz plans on killing herself, but has second thoughts when her son, Douglas Pryor, finds her and asks her to rejoin his life, even welcoming her as a grandparent to his newborn child. Liz Taylor (portrayed by Denis O'Hare) is the eccentric, transgender bartender of the Blue Parrot Lounge and long-time employee of the hotel. Even during her marriage, she frequently disguises herself and visits Valentino's coffin, leaving a single red rose each time. Donovan begins doubting Elizabeth's affection toward him when he sees her kiss Rudolph Valentino, a past lover of hers. In return, James releases John's family, whom he had been holding hostage over breaking his promise. But when he discovers that his wife has gone behind his back and reunited with their son Holden, John embraces Sally. It is revealed in "Room Service" that, although she was very close to The Countess, she was never infected with the blood virus. When he encounters Cordelia Goode, the supreme witch, who comes to rescue Queenie, March does not attempt to stop her, and encourages Queenie to leave with Cordelia to have another shot at life. While attending a cocktail party celebrating the opening of the Hotel Cortez, she heard about Valentino's death in New York and planned to commit suicide by jumping out a window. However, James believes she eventually turns him in to the police so that she can gain control of the hotel and his wealth. The year was 1886 when a real man calling himself H.H. He is helped in this task by his loyal servant and hotel laundress Hazel Evers. Feeling without meaning following his economic collapse, he sets out with Sally in murdering the hotel guests. Liz becomes enamored with The Countess's new flame, Tristan Duffy. jealousy-(james march x reader) notes:-god i feel so awful that this took so long, i’ve finally finished the entire series (minus roanoke, awaiting that to come to netflix) and i’ve been studying for all of my finals and such, so it’s my apologies. She has since resided in the hotel and considers it her home, unable to leave, maintaining a rivalry with Iris. He hosts a "Devil's Night" soirée every year where dead serial killers whom he personally mentored come to celebrate each other on their murders, including one in the episode "Devil's Night" for John, and the one in "Be Our Guest" for when he and the serial killer ghosts hold Billie Dean Howard for ransom so that no one will ever film another documentary in the hotel. However, she returns with her family to the hotel, deciding it is their true home after being temporarily held captive there by James for John.

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