This woman started ranting and raving about 911 and getting people nervous for no reason. ", Points positifs : "Very normal. Relax in the Caribbean, see a volcano in Hawaii, explore ancient ruins in Europe or choose any of our other wonderful destinations for your best vacation ever Contact : customerservice-fr@contact.opodo.comSi vous avez soumis une réclamation auprès de notre Service Client, mais que notre réponse ne vous satisfait pas : vous pouvez contacter la Médiation Tourisme et Voyage sur leur site ou par voie postale MTV Médiation Tourisme Voyage BP 80 303 75 823 Paris cedex 17). Attente excessive de la poussette et des valises à l'arrivée. ", Points négatifs : "My Wife and I got booted from Lufthansa to a United flight where our seats were across the plane from each other. ", Points positifs : "Bonne compagnie aérienne, qui se diferencie des low-cost. I legs wasnt comfortable", Points positifs : "Very on time, smooth take off and landing and friendly staff." 2. Points négatifs : "Couldn’t sleep - seat didn’t recline properly", Points positifs : "Old school crew were fantastic and made this a great flight - which is so atypical for BA these days." From South Beach eccentrics, ultra-cool clubs on The Strip, to Miami Beach’s chic designer outlets and restaurants; this steamy, sweaty South Florida melting-pot will undoubtedly be one of the weirdest, most surreal and artistic places you're ever likely to land in. By this time my back was throbbing and when I talked to the gentleman upfront he told me to write a letter for some type of compensation regarding everything I have been through. ", Points positifs : "Landed early" The food arrive way too early. Lorsqu'on s'apprête à réserver un vol Paris Miami, impossible de ne pas s'imaginer flâner sur Ocean Drive, cette célèbre avenue bordée de palmiers et de bâtiments Art Déco. ", Points positifs : "The movies were good - glad it was free and nice selection" Hôtels dans les 25 premières destinations et les 20 premiers résultats de recherche. And we arrived early! Merci à Iberia d'être sur cette ligne. Points négatifs : "We paid extra to sit in Economy * I am 6-3, wife 5-4 and neither had any leg room We were sitting in 2 seats by themselves. Pilots. I just barely got home and wanted to write this review because it ruined my experience in 9 1/2 hour flight experience. Fly from the United States on TAP AIR PORTUGAL, KLM, Air Canada and more. ", Points négatifs : "We never made it to this part of our flight because our Budapest to Madrid flight was canceled due to faulty AC system. Space was not an issue. Passées les formalités aux aéroports de Miami et de Fort Lauderdale, vous serez soumis à une inspection rigoureuse. Le personnel. Izq., 28006, Madrid, Espagne immatriculée au Registre des opérateurs de voyages et de séjours auprès de Atout France sis 79/81 rue de Clichy 75009 Paris, sous le numéro IM099170015, titulaire d'une police d'assurance auprès de Hiscox, sis Paseo de la Castellana, 60, 7ª Planta, 28046 Madrid, Espagne, agréée IATA. Voyage des enfants : - Un enfant de moins de 4 ans doit être accompagné par un adulte âgé d'au moins 18 ans (l’accompagnateur peut être âgé de moins de 18 ans s’il s’agit du père ou de la mère de l’enfant ou du tuteur légal. Arriving In Paris. Among major cruise lines, Carnival Cruises , Celebrity Cruises , Royal Caribbean , Disney Cruises , Norwegian Cruise Line , and MSC all cruise from Miami. Food." Plane was very old, very poor entertainment system, tiny screen, no place to charge your electronic devices, very narrow seats, poor leg room. Ces liaisons sont opérées au départ des aéroports de Paris-Orly et de Paris-Charles de Gaulle. I also like to know if you have facilities to bring my baby dog (7 months) from Rumania. C est très agréable", Points positifs : "The time" Our Miami cruises feature exciting cruise excursions for all ages. ", Points positifs : "Très bonne place attribuées, peu de monde dans l’avion." Le staff m'a dit qu'il fallait appeler la compagnie auparavant, comment le deviner ? Trop cher et sur tout pas de repas inclus dommage risque de ne plus voyager avec. ", Points positifs : "Not much" Découvrez dès maintenant nos offres de vols de la compagnie Norwegian Air Shuttle ! Norwegian Getaway is designed for travelers looking for an action-packed vacation with fun-filled days riding waterslides and thrilling nights on the dance floor. ", Points positifs : "The crew were outstanding - providing an excellent service, above and beyond what I expected. Cuban Cool. During the flight I was feeling very unwell I asked the flight attendant our axeick bag which she brought, but I was told to go to the toilet. Search for Paris flights on KAYAK … Points négatifs : "Une collation offerte", Points négatifs : "L’embarquement n’etaIt pas au contact. Not the most pleasant experience. ", Points négatifs : "Consignes de sécurités non respectées par le personnel naviguant Porte cockpit ouverte en vol par une seule personne. ", Points négatifs : "Flight was very delayed. I will be writing a formal letter to the corporate office. Les compagnies vous proposant un trajet sans correspondance sont American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, XL Airways, Air France et Delta. Achat dun nouveau billet. Points négatifs : "Seat comfort in Business Class worse than low cost airlines Crew rude and aloft Food terrible", Points positifs : "More seat room. Nous n'avons pas eu accès à notre vol." As a consequence, the always slow MIA failed to transfer my luggage. Points négatifs : "La nourriture Système de divertissement qui ne Marche pas Confort pas top Embarquement en retard", Points négatifs : "Food was paid although it was not a surprise. Very annoying. ", Points positifs : "La place pour les jambes" Smaller cabins. I don't remember the last time I was on a plane with at least phone charging ports. Ils n’ont aucun professionnalisme et limite ils t’insultent. Informez vos clients à l'avance. This particular TAP aircraft, however, despite looking quite new, had some of the most cramped seating ever. Trouvez nos meilleurs prix avec le calendrier des bas tarifs ! On time." I was trying to speak over the air conditioner and after the third time of her not acknowledging me that is one I raise my voice politely by saying “excuse me ma’am”. Points négatifs : "Même pas des cacahuètes gratuites sur la compagnie nationale. En vol direct, la durée de votre trajet sera de 2h15 en moyenne. in particular the male crew was not happy to help with anything. Not too bad. Voir notre vols pas chers vers Miami/Fort Lauderdale. ", Points positifs : "Despite sitting in the middle seat and being well over 6 feet, there was room. Premium Economy in Iberia is totally worth." It was an endurance contest to make it through the flight. Even if One presses a button to request for some water, no one comes to the seat; this habit of BA continues for the good part of the last decade. Points négatifs : "Bus transportation to the plane was delayed. ", Points positifs : "Spacious and quick." Flight #9334. The United Airline staff in San Francisco told me to pick up my luggage when I get to Seattle despite of the fact that my final destination was Vancouver. Quelques passages avec de l'eau pendant le vol entre les repas. Find flights to New York from $133. Horrible!" ", Points positifs : "We had an aisle each! Consulter le détail de ces lignes. When loading or unloading your car: Curbside parking in front of the terminal is only for vehicles that are loading or unloading. You can also check MIA’S Flight Departure Information (real time) or Flight Tracker (real time). Vous pourrez ainsi voir des vols Paris-Miami jusqu’à 3 jours avant et après vos dates de prédilection, et ainsi trouver l’offre qui vous convient le mieux. Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK, Points négatifs : "The flight from London to Miami was great! Le vol DY7020 de 20h30 à destination de Paris est annulé. Paris is 42 mi from Beauvais-Tille Airport (Paris, France). Will definitely make me think about ever going through Dublin again. 4. Horrible experience", Points négatifs : "Madrid to Tampa... Got the nursery. ", Points positifs : "Nothing" The gate agent made it clear that it was all on me to go back to the agent at customer service to get it addressed and make it back in-time. ", Points négatifs : "All atención on board was pretty nice ! She clearly saw my friends and I did not receive a meal but continued to pass on the lunches even after noticing my hand was up. No onboard entertainment. As part of its development strategy in North America, Corsair will be opening its New York-Paris service on April 7, 2021. Aucun sens commercial. Had the opportunity to spend a night in London to visit a couple friends and some of my favorite shops in town. Avec ou sans escale, compagnie aérienne low cost ou traditionnelle, bagage en soute inclus ou non, faites votre choix ! Check-in took almost an hour. US : il y a 794 cas actifs de COVID-19 diagnostiqués et 0 décès en date du 23 déc. Not IB's fault, the customs at Miami came to a halt for an hour. We were asking for updates and nobody knew anything. C'est une action plus que malhonnête!! I am a frequent united flier. Fly from Newark from $148, from New York from $192, from Chicago from $332, from Los Angeles from $539 or from San Francisco from $546. Food was remarkably edible." My booking confirmation was with United Airlines only to get to the airport to find that they had subcontracted the flight to a budget airline. The plane looks new and clean. A simple apology is all I asked for but she refused to apologize and the managers only response was “I can’t make her apologize” Never in my life have I been treated with such disrespect on a flight as I am a frequent flyer to Paris on United everybody else and all other flights was extremely helpful and courteous. À la recherche d’un vol à petit prix ? Statut des vols de Norwegian Air Shuttle (avec suivi de vol et carte en direct) - regarder tous les vols ou suivez les vols de Norwegian Air Shuttle ", Points positifs : "I had THE WORST experience with ONE flight attendant leaving Paris CDG, flying to Chicago O’Hare. ", Points positifs : "The plane was very empty so i was able to spread" The food very substandard. Vol Paris – Miami. Points négatifs : "Todo pago adentro, no me dieron ni agua. Trouvez les vols les moins chers en quelques secondes, recherchez des destinations sur une carte et inscrivez-vous pour recevoir des alertes de prix sur Google Flights. ", Points positifs : "." I haven't eaten so much on a flight in he last 14 years" The tea was cold when served", Points positifs : "Comfortable and efficient" Points négatifs : "Entertainment wasn’t free", Points positifs : "Crew were great, especially considering we had a couple of mishaps travelling with a five year old and five month old. Compare flights from Paris to Miami and find cheap tickets with Skyscanner. ", Points positifs : "Nothing" Delta, Alitalia et Virgin Atlantic ont supprimé leurs frais de modification et d’annulation pour les vols Paris-Miami. La porte est restée ouverte, une couverture n'a même pas été donnée. Peu d’espAce au niveau des sièges. This resulted in me having to go through a long line of passengers to do all of the security checks again to enter the international airport gates. Why don't they put all people with babies at the rear so the rest of us can nap? Points négatifs : "BA took us onboard, flew us 40 minutes into Frankfurt and they decided there was a mechanical problem and returned back into Heathrow. No entertainment but very short flight. We left and arrived on time." Avec KAYAK comparez aussi les offres de dernière minute pour des vols Paris - Miami. I loose my flight . The space is ok and the seats recline well. ", Points positifs : "Everything was great including staff, entertainment (movie/show options) and luckily an extremely smooth flight. Points négatifs : "US Pre-clearance in Dublin was ridiculous. Flight #9334. Pouvez-vous vérifier et a l avenir être plus clair sur nos droits ou non aux bagages en soute ainsi que le prix du bagage sur votre site si vous le proposer et le prix au guichet . Points négatifs : "We missed our connection flight because our first flight was delayed. Points négatifs : "The seats didn't have a port to charge phones. Pour l’itinéraire De Paris pour Miami, samedi est généralement le jour le moins cher pour prendre l’avion et vendredi le plus cher. Points négatifs : "Nous sommes arrivé 15min avant le décollage et nous nous somme vu refuser l'embarquement. Nice choice of movies, and boarding was easy." Crew soiled a half empty can of soda on me, and didn't even apologize. It begins at midnight Friday. It was also very embarrassing for me and my family, as other customers were bothered by this and had to listen to this. Points négatifs : "flight was delayed at check in and on the tarmac - 40 minutes. Paris CDG – Boston eff 02MAY18 3-4 weekly DY7149 CDG1810 – 1950BOS 789 357 Despite being a mega long flight it was comfortable and we were well looked after." I asked full consideration of all the difficulty situation and the turbles they put me . Spent hours on phone getting rebooked right before travel. I will not use this airline ever again", Points positifs : "Nothing" ", Points négatifs : "Flight was canceled forcing us to spend an extra night in Paris. Only beer or wine complimentary. All round - a great flight made very easy with brilliant staff." Points négatifs : "A 7 hour flight took 10+ hours. I will never fly Iberian Airlines again. Points négatifs : "Our seta were separated by two rows. Points négatifs : "Pas de retard !!! A. Norwegian Air tickets are offered for its flights to about 153 destinations around the world. ", Points négatifs : "I got late to my next flight !! Cheap flights, trains, hotels, and car hire with 24/7 customer support & the Guarantee. Norwegian Air Shuttle’s on-time performance for 2017 ranged from a low of 57.4% for one month to a high of 84.4% for another. Missed the partwhere it says “operated by”. Points négatifs : "I had THE WORST experience with ONE flight attendant leaving Paris CDG, flying to Chicago O’Hare. Paris- Miami Parfait - Norwegian. Si vous souhaitez vous reposer après votre voyage, vous pouvez réserver une chambre dans l'un des hôtels à proximité de l'aéroport. ", Points positifs : "Nothing" Poor headphones and image quality so overall entertainment mediocre. ", Points positifs : "Très bonne place attribuées, peu de monde dans l’avion." Points négatifs : "Absence de divertissement Repas ou boisson payante Embarquement en retard", Points positifs : "Équipage sympa" I just barely got home and wanted to write this review because it ruined my experience in 9 1/2 hour flight experience. I was in the toilet for 5 minutes. Seul l’aéroport de Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulleproposera des vols directs vers l'aéroport de Miami international depuis la France. When I missed my flight, the agent quickly got me on another flight (with a competitor airline), with no additional charge." Crew fine both flights." Points négatifs : "Short comfortable and smooth journey", Points négatifs : "Initial delay and then take off delay because slot time had not been updated. Reminded me why I stopped flying BA! ", Points négatifs : "Ma valise n’à pas suivie à Madrid. Un seul vol hebdomadaire est assuré pour Orlando International depuis Paris (CDG). Points négatifs : "The idea of the entertainment system broadcast to your hand held device is fine - it didn't work for me though. was told 'It's a special day'. Il y a 42 vols (directs) par semaine entre Paris et Miami, avec une moyenne de 6 par jour. La compagnie low cost a en effet lancé récemment les premiers vols longs courriers à bas coûts à destination des Etats-Unis. From its base in Norway, the carrier flies non-stop to about 125 destinations in 35 counties Europe, Africa and the Middle East. ", Points positifs : "Your teammates, Fatou and Sarah at the check in desk in charles de gaulle made our lives doo easy after a stressful and ling journey. Just awful. Food not too good on the flight. Points négatifs : "The ticket agents in CDG wasn’t the friendliest from such a well respected brand but zero complaints considering the deal I got to spend a week in Paris! Points négatifs : "Boarding at Gate E46 was disorganised both in timing ans execution. Le premier se situe au terminal nord, hall D et le second au terminal sud, hall H. D'autres espaces détente sont accessibles à tous les passagers, mais cependant payants. Comptez environ dix heures de vol depuis Paris pour atteindre l'aéroport de Miami international. ", Points positifs : "I was very well looked after by crew. Webjet never contacted me. 5 meilleures compagnies proposant des vols Paris - Fort Lauderdale. Las Vegas to London and Orlando to Stockholm , however, have been discontinued indefinitely. Très déçu du repas vraiment. ", Points positifs : "Entertainment and the crew", Points positifs : "Crew were very helpful and flight was direct and on time ( unlike my other UA experience hence I started taking Air New Zealand )." La Floride… Miami, ses palmiers, ses eaux turquoises, ses plages infinies, ses nuits endiablées, ses musées colorés, ses Keys magnifiques, ses Everglades mystérieuses, Orlando et ses parcs… Bref, votre voyage à Miami n’est qu’à une porte d’ailes, grâce aux différents vols directs entre Paris et Miami. Discover a new way of traveling with our interactive map, airport, and destination guides in your pocket. Fewer entertainment options than other airlines", Points positifs : "Food is poor , pasta have not taste n the portion not enoug", Points positifs : "The crew was friendly and one started bording it when ok." Points négatifs : "1. The Miami International Airport has quite a few passenger amenities, so killing time there will be a snap. Rude staff. Points négatifs : "Même pas de bouchon d’oreille ni de masque pour dormir sur un vol de 23 heures... Nourriture insipide", Points positifs : "Vol correct et à l’heure" I am glad that I got to the airport 2 hours a head of time. Furthermore I have scoliosis and I’m handicapped our flight got delayed by 3 furthermore I have scoliosis and I’m handicapped our flight got delayed by 2 1/2 hrs. On 7/26 @ 11:22am. they could do more", Points négatifs : "Boarding took longer than expected. Air France propose des vols 10 fois par semaine (lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, samedi, dimanche), KLM propose des vols 8 fois par semaine (lundi, mercredi, jeudi, samedi, dimanche), Delta propose des vols 8 fois par semaine (lundi, mercredi, jeudi, samedi, dimanche). British Airways was extremely unorganized in dealing with an 11 hour delay. * Selon les conditions tarifaires propres à chaque produit et précisées ci-après :- Vols : Tarifs TTC par personne et « à partir de », valables à certaines dates, sous réserve de disponibilité et de confirmation de la compagnie aérienne- Séjours : Tarifs TTC, hors taxes de séjour, par personne sur base d'une chambre double. Réserver votre vol Norwegian Air Shuttle pour Miami au meilleur prix eDreams, votre comparateur de billets d'avion, vous permet de trouver rapidement et facilement les prix les plus bas pour les vols depuis Paris vers Miami avec Norwegian Air Shuttle. Points négatifs : "Repas pas top, pas de divertissement si ils ne sont pas télécharger en amont dans l’application. Points négatifs : "Un personnel naviguant plus présent, plus professionnel, sérieux et souriant? I was glad that water was offered several times during the flight. ", Points positifs : "The crew was very nice and professional. Launched in 2013, Getaway offers a huge selection of activities, amenities, and dining venues that cruisers have come to expect out of modern ships. Points négatifs : "Did not have food so can't comment but tea was cold, however cabin crew more than happy to change it. It was an ok flight with UA. De plus une surcharge bagage de 195€, alors qu'au moment de la réservation il n'y avait aucune possibilité d'intégrer des bagages. Points négatifs : "The staff from the desk was unfriendly. Even though I'm nearly 6'3" (close to 1.90m), I generally never complain about seating space or legroom, even on low cost flights. ", Points positifs : "Nothing" Un aller-retour Paris Oslo sera possible grâce aux compagnies aériennes norvégiennes Norwegian Air Shuttle, Air France et Scandinavian Airlines. Points négatifs : "One flight attendant was quite rude. Réservez des vols pas chers de Paris-Charles De Gaulle (CDG) à Florida-Miami (MIA). During summer peak periods (until the beginning of September), prices will be higher and vary depending on origin, but are still much less expensive than its competitors’ offerings. 55 26. Comparez toutes les compagnies et réservez votre vol pas cher avec Food on board was so boring and unappetising. KAYAK parcourt des centaines de sites et vous aide à dénicher un billet pas cher et à trouver le vol qu’il vous faut. Norwegian last week opened reservation for additional Trans-Atlantic routes from London Gatwick and Paris, for summer 2021 season. ", Points positifs : "Check in perfect directions great plane great sits comfortable" Norwegian Air has several operating bases including Alicante, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York-JFK, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, and more. Delta et Alitalia n’autorisent pas la réservation du siège du milieu sur les vols Paris - Miami. Points négatifs : "Les repas sont pas top, pas de divertissements si on ne telecharge en avancent ceux de l’application. Fini avec la TAP. Pour profiter d'un vol Paris Miami sans escale, tournez-vous vers Air France, Iberia, Finnair, ou encore American Airlines. Nous n'avons pas pu monter dans l'autre avion. ", Points négatifs : "No pudimos volar a Miami nuestro destino final,porque al llamar a Iberia desde Venecia(horas antes que saliera nuestro vuelo),para informales que por llegar a bordo de un crecuro y no permitrisele a este entrar al puerto por motivos de la neblina,no llegariamos a tiempo a nuetro 1er vuelo con ellos,y nos dijeron que perdiamos la posibilidad de tomar este segundo al otro dia,17 horas despues,donde solo nos ofrecieron la posiibilidad de otro para 3 dias despues y a un precio demasiado alto,nos sentiemos muy poco ayudados y muy disgustados con esta aeorolinea. Every week, at least 531 domestic flights and 891 international flights depart from Orly Field. It was terrible!!! I will not fly BA ever again. Points négatifs : "There was only one person initially checking people in. Smaller plane than the usual TAP planes, but okay flight. Points négatifs : "I don't know what happened. ", Points positifs : "-" Vous devrez déclarer tous les aliments en votre possession. Personnel peu sympa, j'organise et aucune explication sur le retard. Found out when checking in. Confotable seats lovely air hostesses. ", Points positifs : "Rien !" Kayak, orbitz et air Europa font tous trois preuve de désinformation à l'égard de leurs clients !" The short flight journey included a simple light lunch with drink." Chez Norwegian, vous pouvez modifier votre billet jusqu'à 30 minutes avant le décollage. Points négatifs : "Lending was bumpy. ", Points positifs : "Le personnel de bord était inattentif, cela se voyait qu'ils n'avaient pas envie d'être là. Le personnel n'a pas proposé à manger ou à boire. Le client est pris devant le fait accompli et n'a que le choix de payer... Bref, je ne recommande nullement cette Vie aérienne. Our luggage missed the flight to MIA and we were told it would be delivered to our house the next day between 7pm and 8pm. I'm not sure if the flight attendant was expecting me to stand up and make a public request?! Very thoughtful and nice. Shame to have such a good in flight service and to be a punctual airline if you're going to carry your passengers cramped like cattle in seats 'rivalling' the ones on Ryanair flights on 4-hour long journeys. Points négatifs : "Pas de confort, siege payant, valise facturee payante", Points positifs : "Enregistrement prioritaire avec la poussette . Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne. Good food. Pour l’itinéraire retour (de Miami pour Paris ), on trouve en général les meilleures offres le vendredi et le mardi les offres les plus chères. Points négatifs : "Perhaps spirits offered other than just wine. Points négatifs : "Tired old planes need refurbishing. Miami is the cruise capital of the world, and has a great range of cruises to suit every budget. Points négatifs : "Older panes with no phone jack charging options. Eurowings. Le départ sur Paris étant en retard le personnel aurai pu faire sortir en priorité les personnes ayant une correspondance et nous affréteur une navette pour que nous puissions prendre notre vol. Vous pourriez par exemple vous envoler pour Miami avec une compagnie aérienne, puis repartir pour Paris avec une autre. Points négatifs : "Booked emergency exit for legroom but did not get it due to full flight. Here are pictures of the lady who is out of dress code the flight attendant and also out of line dealing with plus dealing with customers she’s obviously unhappy with her job and should not be in the customer service industry as I know for being a businesswoman myself owning my own salon I deal with customers all day and I know my number one job is to make sure my customers are happy I am not . Munissez-vous simplement de votre passeport et de votre autorisation ESTA, puis suivez la procédure. In order to sit together, we had to spend another $300. Flight was delayed then was delayed a second time once everyone was boarded. Points négatifs : "The servicie inside the plane", Points positifs : "The amability of the crees" The airline has also received many awards from different organizations. ", Points positifs : "I could not travel to Miami due to Iberia did not assigned the seat with my children." ", Points positifs : "They upgraded me to business class" ", Points positifs : "It flies" Points négatifs : "Oi", Points positifs : "Cost" No more Air Europa. ", Points négatifs : "Worst Wi-Fi ever lost connection after 10 min and you have to keep buying. Points négatifs : "Fake marketing! Apparemment ce n'est pas le cas de air Europa. Previously reported on Airlineroute, the airline recently revised planned Trans-Atlantic service resumption to late-March 2021 at the earliest. Trouver un vol pas cher entre Paris et Fort Lauderdale, FL. The flights within the US and Canada was delayed. Points négatifs : "Switched to American airways so the booking reference did not work. La compagnie aérienne Norwegian Air Shuttle vous propose des vols pas chers entre Paris et Miami. La plus grosse déception de ma vie", Points positifs : "Everything went according to the timetable, boarding was on-time and we even arrived a bit earlier than scheduled, so I can't really fault the service of the pilots, the cabin crew or the ground operations team. N° 1 français des ventes de billets d'avion sur Internet. Il n'y eu aucun moment durant la réservation où l'on a pu choisir notre régime alimentaire. My previous booking was Auckland -San Francisco - Portland - Vancouver. Norwegian blames £140m loss on fuel, competition and engine problems. Points négatifs : "Flight delayed for 2.5 hours. ", Points négatifs : "No complaints. Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points positifs : "Good" ", Points positifs : "Video was good, seats were good." Je n' ai absolument pas senti que l avion se posait. Sélectionnez votre vol parmi la liste des destinations proposées ci dessous. Avion en retard au départ suite à des contrôles des autorités américaines.